Paulo Freire in the classroom

Paulo Freire en las aulas

Paulo Freire in the classroom – There is a discomfort in teaching as a whole –at all levels of the educational system- regarding a deep crisis that centers on the authoritarian, bureaucratic and encyclopedic historical-cultural matrix of the model that, at one time of great social, technological and political changes like the current one, places education in a situation of great obsolescence, loss of meaning and uncertain future, to face the great challenges that lie ahead. In a word, teachers are in urgent need of glimpsing transformation paths for the educational system.

And this course shows a very interesting one, which promotes the personal change of educators in the face of the crisis. idn poker

It is about understanding, incorporating and putting into practice a reinvention of Paulo Freire’s proposal. In a word, the idea is to provide educators in the educational system with the possibility of applying concretely in their performance contexts the foundations and teaching-learning methods conceived and practiced by this remarkable pedagogue from our America.

Paulo Freire in the classroom

While the transformation of the world and education, the latter as a relevant instrument to achieve it, are a necessity, the thought of Paulo Freire will continue to be valid. And today it is more current than ever. Therefore, its recovery is a requirement for progressive educators in our region. 

Despite what has been written about the work of Paulo Freire, this is a special course, since not only is its pedagogical praxis recovered and critically analyzed from a theoretical-applicative perspective, but the complete bibliographic work of this extraordinary pedagogue of our America.

This course will enable its participants to carry out a truly enriching approach to the pedagogical-political praxis and bibliographic production of this essential Latin American philosopher and educator, whose work laid the foundations for original pedagogical thought in our region.